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We buy small businesses

Secure the future for you and your business

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About Ascendant Ventures

Ascendant Ventures is a private investment company focused on acquiring and running small businesses in the South East of the UK with EBITDA in the range of £0.3 to £2 million.

Business owners looking to exit want to release value. We know they also want to ensure continued success, and a sound future for the company and its employees.

We work with owners to acquire and smoothly transition the business to Ascendant management, working closely together throughout the handover to ensure no disruption to people or operations. We aim to create a win-win for the seller and for Ascendant by assuring mutually beneficial continued success.

Our focus is on low-risk businesses with enduring profitability that have a solid, stable history and a sound future. We prioritize sectors including: business services, energy & environment, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution & logistics and professional services.

Ascendant draws on years of experience running, advising and growing businesses and is well funded with significant private capital plus a network of investors.

We are currently seeking new investment opportunities across our target markets.

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Priority Sectors

At Ascendant we have priority sectors, as well as sectors that are not a focus for us right now.


✓ Business services
✓ Energy and environment
✓ Healthcare services & equipment
✓ Sports and leisure 
✓ Construction services
✓ Engineering and manufacturing
✓ Distribution and logistics
✓ Facilities management
✓ Consultancy and advisory
✓ Creative services; communications, marketing, PR


✘ Legal, accountancy and recruitment services
✘ Small scale hospitality (restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs, cafes, hotels, accommodation)
✘ Commercial or residential property
✘ High street retail

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Business Criteria

We are after businesses that are enduringly profitable: well established businesses with successful histories, good reputations, solid, stable futures and a strong team.


UK, South East
Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire



£1.0m to £5m


£0.4m to £1.5m


>20% for distribution 
>25% for products and services


Stable growth of 3-10% per annum for the last 5 years

Track Record

Business in existence
7-10+ years

Customer Concentration

Top 5 customers <30% sales; no customer >20% sales


>70% of recurring revenue with a reputation for high quality and outstanding service


Motivated seller, open to a 6-9 month handover

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Ascendant Ventures Team

Experienced business leaders with expertise in managing financial situations,

planning and executing effective operations, and building powerful teams.

"Small businesses in the UK are the backbone of the economy and we're focused on finding companies that we can invest in, develop and grow for the long term." 

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Nick Lovell

Director, advisor and consultant at executive level. Developed and led organizations to enhanced financial returns by addressing strategic, performance, and transformation opportunities.

Over 20 years in business, including consulting (Bain & Co, Andersen/Accenture), investments and M&A (ADQ, Charles River), operations & engineering (ADNOC, Lyncar), and entrepreneurship.

Significant sector experience in energy & utilities, industrials, chemicals and manufacturing. Broad cross-sector exposure including: healthcare, food & agri, technology, and transport & logistics. Worked with leading international organizations, governments and institutions across the UK, Europe and Middle East.

INSEAD MBA and MEng from Newcastle.


East Drive, Queens Park, Brighton, BN2 0BQ  |  Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

+44 7717 551 817

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